Genuine silver jewelry is very durable. If it is properly taken care of, it can last through several generations. With the right polish is applied, it exudes a unique radiant luster associated with silver jewelry which cannot be compared with others. Besides the beauty and resilience; silver jewelry is affordable, carries a unique aura, and hardly cause skin allergy.

Genuine Silver ornament is crafted as an alloy of 92% silver and 7.55% of other durable metals; very often, copper is utilized. Pure silver is very delicate; therefore, it requires the addition of other metals to increase its strength and durability in other to withstand wear and tear. Pure silver does not change when exposed to water and air but other metals used in the alloy may react with water and air. For this reason, the finishing of the silver jewelry may be tarnish with time.

Tarnishing of silver ornament begins with a trace of yellow which later turns to black residue on the metal surface in left unpolished. Addition of higher amount of silver in the alloy increases the jewelry resistance to tarnishing. It has become a norm for most manufacturers to plate silver jewelry with Rhodium in order to attain durability and a brilliant finish. Plating with Rhodium also makes the jewelry resistant to corrosion, scratching and tarnishing.

An effective method that can be applied to maintain the luster of genuine silver jewelry and prevent it from tarnishing is by washing with phosphate-free detergent after every usage. The jewelry should be dried in a piece of cloth after washing. For best result, use soft clothing such as the one that comes with eyeglasses for the drying. After the jewelry is dry, it should be stored in a piece of clothing, an anti-tarnish bag or a zip-lock bag. It is in best practice to store silver ornament in jewel-boxes that have anti-tarnish lining. Placing your jewelry in plastic cling wraps, generic cardboard boxes or newspapers should be avoided because it will accelerate the tarnishing process.

It is important to avoid using any product that contains turpentine, acetone, ammonia or bleach while wearing jewelry. Also, you should not swim in water treated with chlorine while wearing your silver jewelry. The afore-mentioned contains chemicals that can break down the alloys in the silver ornament causing the ornament to develop pits or dull surface. It is also important to keep your silver ornament away from direct contact with your body lotions and perfumes. If sterling silver ornament is adequately taken care of, it will definitely last for generations.