Since the introduction of cubic zirconia to the fashion industry during the late 70s, no synthetic gemstone has been able to make quite the impact that cubic zirconia did. Many people wonder just what about cubic zirconia makes it so special. Perhaps we would be in a better position to understand this if we were to look a little closer at cubic zirconia. This should give us some insight into this awesome piece of jewelry along with how it became one of the most popular items in both the jewelry industry and the fashion industry.

What is Cubic Zirconia Jewelry?

Cubic Zirconia is a kind of jewelry that is made with a synthetic crystalline substance. This synthetic crystal is typically used as an alternative for more expensive gemstones such as diamonds. An important distinction to make is that Cubic Zirconia is not a mineral and is rather a man-made substance. This means that it has different properties to the actual natural gemstone Zircon. The synthetic version is created by powdering zirconium and melting it with powdered zirconium dioxide at temperatures of up to 4.982F.

While it is possible to make several different colors of Cubic Zirconia it is commonly made from colorless materials that are strong and flawless.

Not only is Cubic Zirconia much cheaper than a diamond it still has a brilliance and clarity of its own that makes it a viable alternative overall. If you enjoy owning beautiful diamond jewelry but it is out of your price range then you should invest in Cubic Zirconia. There are many people who are unable to differentiate between diamonds and cubic zirconia. This is due to cubic zirconia generally being made in colors similar to diamond, though it can come in different colors.

The Difference Between Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia

Over time the process of creating cubic zirconia has become so efficient that sometimes you’ll have trouble telling the difference between diamonds and cubic zirconia. If you don’t know a lot about diamonds then you could easily end up being swindled and paying a lot of money for cubic zirconia you thought was a diamond. This isn’t to say that cubic zirconia is no good.

This is merely meant as a statement about how much cubic zirconia looks like diamonds.

Despite how similar they are in appearance and feel there are still some differences between diamonds and cubic zirconia, including:

1. The main difference between the two is that diamond is a completely natural substance while cubic zirconia is a synthetic substance created with man-made materials.

2. The next difference is the hardness. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances there is and is definitely the hardest gemstone there is. While a cubic zirconia is still pretty tough it’s not as hard as a diamond.

3. Another difference is the difference in weight. Diamonds may be harder but cubic zirconia is denser. Cubic zirconia is up to 70% heavier than a diamond.

4. Cubic zirconia also has more flushes of color compared to a diamond.

5. Finally a diamond is more brittle than cubic zirconia. This is because cubic zirconia don’t have any cleavages. As such they are less susceptible to chipping and cracking.

Benefits of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

There are a number of benefits to cubic zirconia for women. Not only does it make you appear more sophisticated and beautiful, but there are also the following benefits of cubic zirconia jewelry:

1. It is the absolute best cheap alternative for diamonds. If you really want to get some diamond jewelry but you know that you can’t afford it then cubic zirconia is the next best thing. With cubic zirconia jewelry you can get a feel for what it would be like to have diamonds.

2. Cubic zirconia can be easily replaced if you lose it or it gets stolen. It’s pretty cheap so it’s not like it will break the bank to get another piece of cubic zirconia.

3. Cubic zirconia is what is known as a faux diamond. This means that it isn’t quite a real diamond, but it does still have a lot of quality. These faux diamonds are cut in a manner similar to diamonds and are actually clearer than a real diamond. Cubic zirconia jewelry can really help you radiate beauty and class.

4. As beautiful as diamonds are they can crack easily. Cubic zirconia is much denser and does not crack so easily. No matter what kind of cubic zirconia jewelry you buy; whether it be a ring, bracelet, earring or anything in-between, it will look how it looks for a very long time. These synthetic gemstones are very tough and keep their shine for years to come.

5. Cubic zirconia can be customised to suit your own personal tastes. Given how cheap and accessible cubic zirconia is it’s simple to have your own design. It’s hard to get a custom design with a diamond because they are rarer and much more expensive, so you’re left with no choice but to simply deal with the hand you’re dealt. When you purchase cubic zirconia however you have the option to choose the cut you want, such as choosing a diamond cut, a princess cut, or a square cut. It’s also possible to choose a specific color for your cubic zirconia to make it match your favorite outfit.


Cubic zirconia is a brilliant alternative to purchasing diamonds and they are similar to diamonds in that they come in rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Cubic zirconia is often set in a valuable metal such as gold, platinum and sterling silver. They also come in a variety of colors thanks to the oxidation process. Because of this it’s possible to have differently colored, differently styled cubic zirconia jewelry that you can use no matter the occasion.